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Episode 40: Sara McLarty: Form Over Yards


On today’s episode of Triathlon Research Radio, Sam Cook chats with Sara McLarty about coaching and swimming. Sara explains what brought her to coaching. They discuss her philosophy when it comes to coaching swimmers of all levels. Finally, Sara breaks down the proper manner in which time-constricted triathletes should train and manage their time.

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Episode 38: Bárbara Riveros: Triathlon is a 24-Hour Job

Barbara Riveros

Sam Cook sits down with Bárbara Riveros of the Wollongong Wizards in Basque Country, Spain for this week’s episode of Triathlon Research. Bárbara talks about getting into triathlons as a nine-year-old girl in Chile. She also looks back at her idols growing up. Sam dives into the amount of time training truly consumes. They discuss Bárbara’s previous Olympic experience as well as looking ahead to Rio. Finally, Bárbara takes a moment to reflect on what she wants to do after her competitive triathlon days come to a close.

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Episode 37: Grace Musgrove: Putting Yourself in the Right Position

Grace Musgrove

Sam Cook is still in Spain and today he is joined by Grace Musgrove of the Wollongong Wizards. Grace discusses coming up in the sport and almost missing the opportunity to join the Wizards out of high school. They also talk about handling race day and Grace’s growing popularity. She explains what it’s like to be surrounded by successful triathletes and how beneficial the experience is on today’s episode of the Triathlon Research Radio.

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Episode 36: Ryan Bailie: The First 9 Strokes


Live from Spain! Ryan Bailie takes a moment to sit and talk with Sam instead of sleeping. They discuss training and what Ryan does in his down time. Ryan breaks down his young career and the adversity he’s needed to overcome. Traveling around the world, setting his sights on Rio, and what Ryan is doing to take his game to the next level are all a part of today’s episode of Triathlon Research Radio.

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Episode 35: Gwen Jorgensen: Investments, Not Sacrifices


On today’s episode, Gwen Jorgensen joins us from Spain! Sam and Gwen discuss her early success in the sport. Gwen talks about her time at the Olympics and how she began looking to Rio after she crossed the finish line in London. Finally, they talk about finding love and joining the Wollongong Wizards.

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