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Episode 029: Craig “Crowie” Alexander: Developing Your Inner Champion


Craig ‘Crowie’ Alexander is one of the most respected Triathletes in the sport. He fought his way up to the top of the Ironman World with 3 IM Kona World Championship Victories. He also broke the 20 year course record and his the fastest man in the history of the sport. This in depth conversation explores the mindset and habits that helped Craig achieve these amazing results. And the best part about speaking to Crowie is hearing how humble and grounded he is, despite all of the success he has had.

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Episode 028: Siri Lindley: Right Coaches, Right Athletes


One of triathlons elite coaches, Siri Lindley talks about her shaky beginnings in triathlon and how those experiences paved the way for success as a triathlete and eventually as a coach to some of the world’s best triathletes in this segment of our podcast. #TriathlonResearch #Triathlon ResearchRadio

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Episode 027: Mirinda Carfrae: Planning, Preparation and Visulization


Sam Cook sits down with Triathlon world champ Mirinda Carfrae for a discussion on what it takes to become a world-class triathlete. Hear Mirinda’s story and get some great advice on how to excel in your sport, no matter what level you find yourself right now.

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