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Episode 022: Mark Allen: The Mindset of Triathlon


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Discover how a six-time Ironman Triathlon champion balanced the rigors of competition with the proper winning mindset to defy all odds and win in the face of certain defeat. Truly one of the most inspiring stories ever to come out of the world of triathlon, Mark Allen recounts the tale of his final triathlon win and how he managed to close a thirteen minute gap to secure victory in Kona. Don’t miss this amazing speech recorded live at the Summer 2014 Triathlon Research Training Camp in Boulder, Colorado.

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Episode 021: Daniel Bretscher: Wanting the Win


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A huge part of winning in any sport is how bad you want it and triathlon is no different. Listen to gain a unique perspective from a career triathlete and Ironman champ about self-coaching and competition in this episode of our podcast “Triathlon Research Radio.”

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Episode 020: Brenton Ford – It’s About the Destination


Sam Cook and Brenton Ford talk about what it’s like coaching triathlon and the personal rewards that go with the responsibility. Learn how to focus in on the things that matter and develop the kind of mentality that sees the entire season as a journey toward a specific destination.

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