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Episode 09: Franko Vatterott – The Business of Triathlon


Get an up-close look at the business side of triathlon with Triathlon Research founder Sam Cook and Franko Vatterott, owner of Retul: the Triathlon industry’s premier bike-fitting company in this episode of the Triathlon Research Radio podcast.

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Episode 08: Discipline and Motivation – Triathlon Training Camp


Triathlon Research Radio founder Sam Cook and Dr. Suzanne Atkinson provide details of the upcoming Triathlon training camp coming up in August 2014 in Boulder, Colorado. Get some valuable insights into the camp experience and find out what’s going to happen during that week.


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Episode 07: Ari Meisel – Triathlon Nutrition and Wellness


Ari Meisel, founder of “The Art of Less Doing,” shares the story of his battle with Crohn’s, his journey in triathlon and how he achieved success in triathlon through nutrition, exercise and the desire to excel in his sport.

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Episode 06: Mark Allen: It’s Not Over ’Til It’s Over


In this episode of Triathlon Research Radio, Mark Allen emphasizes the need to let go: let the race happen and find a place of quiet where the results of the race are secondary to the need to be quiet in mind. Hear these and other unique perspectives from this SIX-TIME Ironman World Champion triathlete this time on Triathlon Research Radio.

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Episode 05: Kim Schwabenbauer – Visualizing Victory


Kim Schwabenbauer is a professional triathlete who has competed in (and won) triathlons all over the globe. She brings some powerful insights into the sport of triathlon and its demands on your time, your family and yourself. Listen and learn some incredible lessons from an incredible athlete during this episode of Triathlon Research Radio.

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