Gwen Jorgensen race day skill 2: Beach Start

When your race starts on the beach, it is important to know what to do. There are three phases to a beach start. The first is running. On the beach, running on your heels wastes energy. Instead, run on your mid-foot or toes. In the water, you need to lift your legs up and over instead of pulling them through the water. Second is dolphining; pushing off the floor to dive head first into the water, repeating the movement as needed. Finally, when your swim stroke does not touch the water floor, it is time to swim.


Beach starts have three phases

1. Running
• On the Beach
– Run on your toes or mid-foot
• In the water
– Lift legs up and over the water

2. Dolphining / Porpoising
• Dive into the water head first
** Know where the banks are underwater to avoid head injury **

3. Swimming
• Begin when your stroke does not touch the water floor

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