Gwen Jorgensen race day skill 3: Flying Mount

When starting your bike, performing a flying mount can save time by maintaining your running momentum. After passing the mount line, hold the bike by the handlebars and lift your leg over the bike to place your inner thigh on the saddle. Use your stationary leg to continue your forward momentum. Place both feet on the pedals and begin cycling. The more you practice mounting, the smoother and faster it will be.


How to do the Flying Mount

Flying Mount: A method of mounting a bike with the opposite side foot first
• Approach the mount line
• Hold the bike by the handlebars
• Lift leg over the bike to place inner thigh on the saddle
• Use stationary leg to push you and the bike forward, gaining momentum
• Place feet on pedals and begin cycling

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Are you implementing this advice? When you see an improvement, tell us in the comments below.

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