Jamie Turner: Steering Like a Professional

High-performance Triathlon Coach Jamie Turner leads a group of triathletes through the process of steering your bike at high speeds while keeping safe and in control.

Jamie’s 2 Main Takeaways:

1. Brake before you turn.
Braking during the turn is amateur-hour, mostly done by people feeling angry at themselves for coming in too fast and not being able to cut the tight line they want. Put your ego aside, brake in a straight line, overshoot if you need to, and use that experience to learn where your limits are for the next corner. You can’t learn anything if you break during the turn.

2. Push on the left to turn left, and on the right to turn right.
Any skiers, surfers, or horse riders will find this familiar. You turn safely by leaning into the corner and forwards, which in the case of a bike means pushing down on the handlebar more than you might be used to. Most people lean only with their body, but this doesn’t offer you as much control.


What’s some other advice you’ve heard on steering that the community might benefit from? Leave it in the comments below.

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