Episode 014: Amy Javens – Process, Progression and Mindset


What’s it like being a small-town girl with big dreams that include one of the most demanding sports on the planet? What are some of the advantages of having that small-town experience and mindset? These questions and more get answered in this episode of Triathlon Research Radio. Suzanne Atkinson sits down with Amy Javens for a talk about life, sport and how to keep your goals in focus while still maintaining balance in family and personal growth

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Episode 013: Total Immersion


In this truly inspiring conversation, a panel of elite swimming coaches discuss the many benefits of swimming as not just competition but also for therapy, health and a well-rounded fitness lifestyle. Whether you are a triathlete looking to gan the edge in the swim or just want to learn more about the benefits of adding swimming to your active lifestyle.

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Episode 012: Bobby McGee – The Rise of the Runner


In this episode you’ll learn how to make the run your strongest leg of your triathlon. Host, Suzanne Atkinson interviews 6 time Olympic coach Bobby McGee, 2012 Olympian Gwen Jorgensen, and the 70.3 distance US Pro Champion Kevin Collington.

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Episode 010: Jay Johnson – Defining Your Workout


Our latest episode of Triathlon Research Radio welcomes running coach Jay Johnson. Jay sits down with Suzanne Atkinson  to discuss the benefits of quality workouts from the perspective of run training.

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