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16 - 21 November, Girona, Spain
Spend 6 Days Getting Certified to Teach Weekend Clincs Learn more

Bob Seebohar
Olympic Nutritionist, Strength Coach, and USAT Level III Coach

Inigo Mujika
Triathlon and Swimming Coach

Spend 6 Days going through Coaching Certification with Top Triathlon Coaches so you can lead Weekend Workshops in your Local Area

Spend 6 Days Learning Training Management, Strength, and Nutrition from Olympic Dietitian Bob Seebohar and Inigo Mujika.
Spend 1 Day per discipline so we can certify you are ready to lead a weekend workshop (one discipline per workshop).
Receive Classes from Triathlon Research Founder, Samuel Cook on Triathlon Sales and Marketing.
Pass a Final Exam certifying you are ready to teach our weekend clinics.
Get onto our program to receive certification to teach workout clinics, and qualify to receive Triathlon Research Marketing Support for Your workshops.

Spend 6 Days Learning from Top Coaches in the World of Triathlon learn more

What graduates of Triathlon Research training camps are saying:

What graduates of Triathlon Research training camps are saying:





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Triathletes are crying out for more in-person instruction

  • We run high end camps with World Champion Triathletes including Gwen Jorgensen, Craig Alexander, and Mirinda Carfrae.
  • Hundreds of Athletes apply for our camps, and sadly only a fraction of these athletes are able to attend the camps.
  • The rest of them would love to have what our camps offer - personalized, individual instruction on each discipline.
  • Right now we can't offer this for them, so we are certifying up to 20 coaches to help fix this problem.
  • We want to find and train top Triathlon coaches to run weekend workshops across the country.
  • Because we care about the athletes in the Triathlon Research Community, we want to make sure the coaches we put in front of them are top quality.

So we have designed a coach's certification program with the world's top Triathlon Coaches

  • Over the course of 6 days, we want to provide you with top quality instruction that will allow you to help transform Triathletes in each discipline.
  • The course will be led by Olympic Dietitian and USAT Certification Instruction Bob Seebohar.
  • Spend a day learning the ins and outs of periodization, strength Management, and Nutrition.
  • Spend a day working on how to evaluate athlete nutrition plans, and strength and mobility.
  • Spend a day getting certified on teaching Running Form with Triathlon Run specialist Reem Jishi.
  • Spend a day getting certified on teaching swimming form with Tower 26 Founder, Gerry Rodrigues.
  • Spend a day getting certified on teaching cycling form world class Spanish cycling coach, Inigo Mujika
  • Spend a day working on how to put together training plans, as well as working on how to build a sustainable Triathlon Coaching Business with Triathlon Research Founder Sam Cook.

Once you become a Triathlon Research Certified coach, here is what you will receive:

  • A 2-year certification of Triathlon Research Coaching (Signed by your coaches).
  • The ability to market yourself as a Triathlon Research Certified Coach.
  • The chance to serve as a volunteer coach at our world class elite 5-day training camps with Olympic coaches, world champion athletes, and the best coaches in the world
  • Triathlon Research will give you the chance to earn the highest level certicication where we will contract you to run exclusive clinics for Triathlon Research Clinics that we will market and pay you to run.
  • The ability to resell your Virtual Video Form Analysis in each discipline on the Triathlon Research Website.
  • 2 years of free Access to the Triathlon Research Membership with access to entire Video Library of Triathlon Research Camp Content ($599 per year value).
  • Access to private coach's forum inside the Triathlon Research Coach's Video Library.
  • Weekly private coaching calls with our Master Coach where you can bring your questions about coaching, and network with other coaches in our private facebook group.
  • Coach's Badge inside Triathlon Research Athlete Area - allowing you to advise athletes as a certified coach.
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