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"How to Unlock Your Natural Running Form"

With 6-Time Olympic Coach Bobby McGee

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March 13th

at 6 pm Pacific, 9 pm Eastern

Bobby McGee

6-Time Olympic Coach

Suzanne Atkinson, M.D.

Founder, Steel City Endurance

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A Live Online Discussion: How to Unlock your NATURAL Running Form

  • What is Your Running Form and How do You Find it?

  • One Lucky Triathlete will Win a First Place Prize of a FREE Run Transformation Camp Spot with a one-on-one Training Session with Bobby McGee.

  • What is the RIGHT Running Form? Is there one-size-fits-all, or is everyone different?

  • What Tools Can You Use to Fine Tune Your Running Form? Learn Bobby McGee's "Bag of Running Tools" and other Tricks.

IMPORTANT: This Event is Sponsored and hosted by Endurance Films. The discussion will be moderated by Steel City Endurance Head Coach and Total Immersion Master Coach Coach Suzanne Atkinson, M.D. The Panelists from this event Bobby McGee, and Seton Claggett of TriSports.This event is sponsored by Endurance Films, TriResearch, TriDot Systems, Bobby McGee Endurance Sports, and Total Immersion Swimming. Everyone who registers and attends live will be eligible to win the prize of a Free Run Transformation Camp Spot with Bobby McGee's Boulder Summer Camp.

This Live Online TV Event not only has great free content, but also a very special exclusive announcement and offer for live participants on the show. So claim your spot below and be sure to attend the live event!

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