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Episode 17: Running Sports Essentials


Podcast: Download Top names in the world of Triathlon, including Bobby McGee and Suzanne Atkinson, tackle the subject of competitive running Related posts: Intro To Running Sports Essentials [Running Sports Essentials part 1] Triathlon Research hosts a variety of exciting live events. Here’s… Activation Drills [Running Sports Essentials part 3] TR – 0095 – Activation […]

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Episode 16: Smart Indoor Cycling Training: How to Race Past your Competition


Podcast: Download Learn how to get the most out of the bike even when outdoor riding isn’t an option. 01:02    Introductions 05:06   Jeff Booher on The OutSeason Project 17:13     Structure and Periodization within Outseason Training 19:39     How TriDot Systems Helps Manage Triathlon Training 27:47    The TriDot software & the Run-Focused Outseason 35:08    Final […]

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Episode 15: Triathlon Training – Run vs Swim


Podcast: Download Bobby McGee and Terry Laughlin go head-to-head on the subject of which is the most vital element of triathlon training – is it the swim or is it the run? It’s a fun conversation and we get into many other discussions and topics. If you enjoyed today’s show, please go to and […]

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