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TR - 0105

Why Run Transformation? [Running Sports Essentials part 13]

TR – 0105 – Sam Announces the Winners Running Sports Essentials part 13   If you’ve been wanting to hire a personal coach but don’t think you can afford it, Sam Cook and Bobby McGee might just have the solution you’ve been looking for. Find out what it is when you click to watch this […]

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TR - 0104

Advantages of One-on-One Training [Running Sports Essentials part 12]

TR – 0104 – Advantages of One-on-One Training Running Sports Essentials part 12   Watch as Triathlon Research founder Sam Cook shares some observations about working with Bobby McGee one-to-one in this clip from our live Web event, “Run Sports Essentials.” Bobby McGee has some insights of his own to share.   0:01 – Sam […]

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TR - 0103

Age Groupers and Plyometrics [Running Sports Essentials part 11]

TR – 0103 – Q&A Part 1: Age Groupers and Plyometrics Running Sports Essentials part 11   Suzanne Atkinson and the panel (including 6-time olympic running coach Bobby Mcgee) field viewer questions on where to include plyometrics in run training and on training after surgery. If you’re an “age grouper” you’ll want to pay attention. […]

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