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We are an organization dedicated to comprehensive research, distillation, and distribution of the best information for the world of high performance Triathlon Training.

Triathlon Research is an authority on Triathlon in order to provide Triathletes of all age-groups, ability levels, and goals the best information they need to achieve their Triathlon Performance and Lifestyle objectives.

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Our Live Online Education Events feature top professional Triathletes, coaches, nutritionist, and Triathlon thought leaders. You can view our past Live Shows Here.

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From Our Blog

Episode 029

Craig “Crowie” Alexander: Developing Your Inner Champion

Listen to this episode of #TriathlonResearchRadio and hear Sam’s convo with Craig “Crowie” Alexander. “Craig “Crowie” Alexander takes the mic in this amazing episode of #TriathlonResearchRadio.

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episode 028

Siri Lindley: Right Coaches, Right Athletes

One of triathlons elite coaches, Siri Lindley talks about her shaky beginnings in triathlon and how those experiences paved the way for success as a triathlete and eventually as a coach to some of the world’s best triathletes in this segment of our podcast.

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episode 027

Mirinda Carfrae: Planning, Preparation and Visulization

Sam Cook sits down with Triathlon world champ Mirinda Carfrae for a discussion on what it takes to become a world-class triathlete. Hear Mirinda’s story and get some great advice on how to excel in your sport, no matter what level you find yourself right now.

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episode 026

Mark Allen: A Different Place

Mark Allen talks about triathlon competition from the perspectives of mind, body and spirit and how the three work together to form a winning combination.

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