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Episode 019: Gearing Up with Seton Claggett


Triathlon Research founder Sam Cook sits down with TriSports founder Seton Claggett for an in-depth discussion on triathlon equipment. What gear is right for you and how do you decide on what to buy? The answers to these and many other questions are answered in this episode of our podcast, Triathlon Research Radio.

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Episode 018: Ivan O’Gorman – The Perfect Fit


Suzanne Atkinson of Steel City Endurance and Ivan O’Gorman of Retul sit down for a conversation on bike fitting that every serious triathlete should hear. Find out how you can improve your performance dramatically by using a bike that is properly fitted for you and how the right bike can improve your run.

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Episode 015: Triathlon Training – Run vs Swim


Bobby McGee and Terry Laughlin go head-to-head on the subject of which is the most vital element of triathlon training – is it the swim or is it the run? It’s a fun conversation and we get into many other discussions and topics.

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