Slide Deck: 14 Essential Race Day Skills by Gwen Jorgensen

Browse our slide deck with 14 skills you will need to master before the race.

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For the past year, Triathlon Research has studied Gwen Jorgensen and her coach Jamie Turner to discover how she has won a record-shattering 12 straight ITU Championship races.

What we learned is that Jamie Turner has coached Gwen to focus on the process of racing – how she races – vs. the outcome she achieves. I know it sounds counterintuitive, but to win you have to stop thinking about winning.

The process of racing is all about the small details that amateurs forget about: transition area setup, the swim start, all the tiny steps to a flawless transition, bike mounting and dismounting skills, and so on.

Forget about the outcome. Focus on the process. Learn the 14 key race day skills used by 2014 World Champion Gwen Jorgensen and her coach Jamie Turner to win 12 straight races on the world ITU championship series, and win the 2016 Olympic Qualification race.

Get your 4 free videos from “Race Like a Champion” course by Gwen and Jamie HERE.

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