Weekly Advice from Pro Triathletes 04: Sarah-Anne Brault: Master the Top of Your Stroke with The Long Vessel Drill

The Long Vessel Drill builds on the Short Vessel, by focussing in on the next “”chunk”” of your swim stroke – the top of your stroke.

At this point, you are stretched out and ready to propel yourself forward with the pull. Before you do, you’ll need to learn to maintain stability while on your side, and to breath deeply calmly.

These are the skills the Long Vessel Drill will allow you to master.

Sarah-Anne Brault is currently 2 years into her Wollongong Wizard career, and she’s proven herself as an incredibly fast learner. She has the drive to focus on her weaknesses and then eliminate them with targeted drills from the Wizards. Swimming was her weakest form when she joined. Now it’s her strength, and this is how she did it. She takes us through the drill while Aaron Royle demos it for us.


Are you implementing these drills? When you see an improvement, tell us in the comments below.

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